Consignor FAQ

Q. How do I become a consignor?
A. We do take walk-ins but we recommend an appointment for your first visit so that our staff has adequate time to go through our procedure and answer any questions you might have.  Please call 643-3237 to set up a time!    

Q. Are there any fees or charges to be a consignor?  
A. There is no charge to become a consignor

Q. How much money can I expect to make?
A. Consignors receive 35% of any item at the time it sells. We do not guarantee that all items brought in will be put out, nor can we guarantee the sale of any given item. Consignors who spread their items out throughout each season make the most money.

Q. How long will my things be in the store?
A. Your items will be in the store for 8 weeks.  This starts from the time they are priced, not from the day you bring them in.  So if we are running a little behind getting things out, you will not lose floor time.

Q. How do you decide on prices?
A. The Second Closet uses a multi-level pricing system;  popular, trendy and high-end items are priced higher than items from a discount store. We also comp items online whenever possible.   

Q. What do I have to do to my clothes before I can bring them in? 
A. Clothing must be freshly laundered, sorted for quality, sized with a piece of masking tape, and brought in on hangers OR in boxes with lids that close. Our staff will go over these requirements at your initial appointment.

Q. What if you don’t put out all my stuff?  Can I get it back?
A.  Because we use a drop-off system, you will normally not be present when your boxes are unpacked.  Any items not meeting store criteria will be sent on to charity.  If you want your no-thank-you's back, you must make a sorting appointment each time you bring in clothes. 

Q. What happens to items that don’t sell?
A. Unsold items become the property of The Second Closet, to be sold or donated at store’s discretion.   

Q. How often can I bring clothing in, and how much at a time?
a.  In-state consignors may bring in 1 box per week, Monday through Saturday, regardless of how far away you live. You may choose to spread your items throughout each season for maximum profit potential.
b.  Out-of-state consignors may bring in more than this, but must call ahead to let us know they are coming and to make sure we have room.
c.  Several non-profit organizations have accounts at The Second Closet. We ask donors to these accounts to abide by the one box per week rule whenever possible.

Q.  How can I maximize my profit potential?
a.  Sort clothing carefully and bring in only the best.  Higher quality means higher prices
b.  Spread your things throughout each season. You will have items on the floor for more weeks in the year, reaching more shoppers, and minimizing the effects of bad weather, slow times, etc. 
c.  Use our seasonal and sorting guidelines to target the best times to bring in different items