Sorting Criteria for the 2nd Closet

Stained or dirty - please don’t bring in stained clothing – we won’t put them out.

Odors - Please wash your items before bringing them in. Items smelling strongly of cigarettes, pets, pet urine or other offensive odors will not be put out.

Out-of-season - Please check our handout or ask our staff what’s currently in season. Always think 6-8 weeks before any holiday. We do not store out-of-season clothing.

Too worn - No items with worn knees, fallen/frayed hems, bad elastic, or obvious mending. No items that are too pilly, stretched out, or have faded in the washer or the sun. They’ve been well worn, but sometimes the time has come to throw them away!

Poor condition – look for tears and holes, broken zippers, cigarette burns, moth holes Not visually appealing – less likely to sell if excessively wrinkled or covered in pet hair

Yucky – armpit stains, body fluid stains; items caked with old food, dried mud or other scary substances! (You’d be amazed at what we’ve seen!)

Not appropriate – suggestive phrases and pictures; some lingerie; alcohol or tobacco advertising Personalized or charity events – tee shirts from fun runs, heart walks, church camps; items with someone’s name on them; items with a company logo – they just don’t sell

Partials – we need both parts– pajamas, ladies suits, swimwear, footwear. Bathrobes must have belts, and adult items must have their drawstrings if the holes are on the outside of the garment. (for children’s drawstrings, please see children’s sorting guide)

And why do we appreciate your help in presorting your clothes? It helps our drop-off system work more efficiently, getting everyone’s things out on the floor sooner!

Bring us the best of your best and we’ll do the rest!